Premium technology.
Because you deserve it.

Premium technology.
Because you deserve it.

Oticon Real

Be curious again about the sounds you have forgotten

Oticon Real is our newest, most technologically advanced family of hearing aids, bringing you back to the real sounds of life. The sounds that make your days memorable. The sounds connecting you to others keep you curious, involved in life, and always focused.

Oticon Own

Customised for you

The Oticon Own IIC1 is the most discreet hearing aid that we have produced so far. In fact, it’s invisible in 9 out of 10 ears2 hidden in the ear canal – making it the perfect choice if you wish to enjoy the benefits of better hearing – without wearing a visible hearing aid.

1Custom hearing aids are not suitable for all people. A personal consultation will reveal whether you are suitable to wear such hearing aids.
2Rumley et al. (2022). Oticon Own Evidence. Oticon Whitepaper

Learn how our state-of-the-art hearing aids can help you

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Wind noise

Wind noise is no longer a nuisance!
The real world is windy. It doesn’t matter if you’re hurrying to your car from the office, jogging in the park, or walking on the beach when you’re on your well-deserved holiday, or wind causes irritating, unpleasant sounds in your hearing aids. Hands, hair, glasses, or face masks touching the microphone of your hearing aids can make the same annoying sound as the wind when it blows directly overhead. But Oticon Real protects you to keep you focused in the real world.

More comfortable hearing experience, better access to speech

The double-patented Wind & Handling Stabilizer technology in Oticon Real detects and cleans up wind and handling noise 500 times per second. Choosing the microphone with the cleanest sound input prevents disruptive noise from entering the system. Then, it effectively attenuates the remaining wind and handling noise from the other microphone only at the frequencies affected by the noise.

This technology provides clearer sound for further processing in MoreSound Intelligence 2.0, therefore hearing aid users have better access to speech in windy environments.*

The Wind & Handling Stabilizer protects users from both wind and handling noise. Here we use the example of wind

* Gade et al. Wind & Handling Stabilizer – Evidence and user benefits. Oticon Whitepaper.

Background noise

You will hear it, but you won’t be disturbed by a passing bus or squeaky parquet.
Oticon’s Real RealSound technology is powered by our state-of-the-art platform, the Polaris R, which includes new sensors to process distracting sounds quickly and accurately. It ensures automatic and accurate processing of all sound details – for the most optimal sound output. The platform also includes an artificial intelligence-based, built-in Deep Neural Network (DNN), which has been trained with 12 million real sound image details. It optimises the way Oticon Real makes sounds even more distinct, working more fluently in changing sound environments. Now with the addition of two new innovations, SuddenSound Stabilizer and Wind & Handling Stabilizer, Oticon Real takes DNN-based sound processing to the next level.

MoreSound Intelligence™ 2.0

MoreSound Intelligence 2.0 provides a clear input sound, giving you access to the full sound environment, with clear contrast and balanced sound. It is also responsible for instantly detecting and preventing wind and handling noise with its dual patented Wind & Handling Stabilizer technology for an even more comfortable hearing experience.

MoreSound Amplifier™ 2.

MoreSound Intelligence 2.0 optimises the input sound, MoreSound Amplifier 2.0 guarantees accurate and balanced sound – and now, combined with SuddenSound Stabilizer, it instantly detects and controls sudden low and loud noises to make them audible but not unpleasant or distracting. SuddenSound Stabilizer can also be customised to suit individual needs.

MoreSound Optimizer™

The MoreSound Optimizer detects and prevents feedback proactively, before it even occurs. This makes it possible for the hearing aid to prevent feedback and provide optimal gain all day. This results in improved access to speech details with more natural sound, increased comfort, and improved speech understanding – even in the most challenging listening environments.

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audika szélzaj

Sudden noise

Sudden noises will not distract you, but you will hear them.
Do you want the click of your car’s turn signals to be less distracting while you are driving? But it’s good to hear it clearly so you know you haven’t forgotten to signal. Or if you could pay attention to something other than someone clicking their pen on and off when you are in a meeting? Handling sounds that start and end quite quickly requires a different kind of processing than other types of sounds. SuddenSound Stabilizer technology is specially designed to handle just such sounds.

Sudden, disturbing sounds occur everywhere in everyday life, thousands of times a day. We experience both loud, abrupt sounds, such as a door slamming, and soft, abrupt sounds, such as the sound of a keyboard typing. A hearing aid’s aim is to make these sounds accessible to the brain, but not distracting. The traditional hearing aid technology either over-amplifies these sounds, which is uncomfortable or inaccurately reduces the amplification, which compromises access to other important sounds, including speech. With SuddenSound Stabilizer, however, Oticon Real can handle more than 500,000 sudden sounds a day, helping you to be aware of what’s happening around you – without losing comfort or reducing access to speech.

SuddenSound Stabilizer can handle more than 500,000 sudden sounds every day.

The SuddenSound Stabilizer can identify and balance both soft and loud sudden sounds

Powered by new detectors, SuddenSound Stabilizer seamlessly monitors the sound environment and instantly adapts amplification to keep both soft and loud sudden sounds available, balanced, and comfortable.

This technology is fast and accurate enough to preserve speech! Traditional hearing aid technology reduces amplification inaccurately and responds too slowly, compromising access to other important sounds, including speech. SuddenSound Stabilizer is fast and precise enough to detect sudden sounds, reduce the sound accordingly, and then immediately restore the amplification when the sound stops.

This ensures that you have better access to speech while still getting all the important information from the sound image – so you can stay comfortably focused at all times.

Easy connection

With the latest hearing aids, you can easily connect to your favourite devices** – making sounds crystal clear, right in your hearing aid. You can make and receive hands-free calls, enjoy great voice streaming from your iPhone and some Android devices, stream audio from your television, or even enjoy the sound of your computer, tablet or other device directly in your hearing aids.

** Hands-free calling is available on iPhone 11 or later (iOS 15.2 or later) and iPad devices (iPadOS 15.2 or later) Android devices must support ASHA to transmit audio directly to the Oticon hearing aid. Please visit for more information.

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How can we help you?

BrainHearing technology™

Hearing and the brain. It helps your brain function at its best by giving you access to all the meaningful sounds around you in perfect balance.

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Artificial Intelligence-based technology

The built-in Deep Neural Network of the Oticon hearing aid can learn from experience, which means it works in a similar way to the brain.

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Outstanding sound quality

Incredible sound quality and improved access to speech – so you can follow conversations without effort.

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Designed for convenience

It instantly and accurately compensates for distracting sounds such as wind, handling noise, and sudden noises in the environment.

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The latest technology in our hearing aids
Real™ & Own™

A legújabb technika hallókészülékeinkben
Real™ & Own™

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My audiologist, who is a bit of a therapist, a bit of a medical specialist, and a bit of an educator, helps me improve my hearing. It’s important to assess where her client’s hearing is at its most challenging and then offer solutions and focus on that. Also, she should understand human relations, and not start to call her clients auntie and uncle. What I appreciate about Viktoria is that as well as being a good professional, she treats me as a valuable partner.

Miklós Szinetár, Kossuth Prize-winning and double Jászai Mari Prize-winning Hungarian theatre, opera, television, and film director, screenwriter, Merited and Outstanding Artist of Hungary

I think by fate, it was Mónika who came to see me when I visited her to have my hearing checked, and she has been my audiologist ever since. But interestingly, there were other people working in the shop and they didn’t have any clients. Móni took me by the hand from the very first moment, so to speak. He was very sympathetic, explained everything, and answered all my questions patiently. He did the audiological examination and I was also examined by an ENT doctor. Since then, I have stuck with Mónika Szabóné Köteles, my audiologist, because she pays a lot of attention to me, she knows my problems very well. I can always come and see her, she is very kind to me at Audika Hearing Centre.

Lászlóné Strodl

When I go to the Audika Hearing Centre, even if it is just for accessories or cleaning products, it is nice to be greeted, to be remembered what equipment I have bought, and what problems I have encountered. For me, personal communication is also very important! I stick to my audiologist because she is very thorough and flexible; for instance, she can adjust my hearing aids remotely if I need it using an app, which is a big advantage for me because I don’t live next door, so I do not have to travel if I have a minor adjustment problem.

Erzsébet Krenák, Certified Trade and Marketing Economist, Online Marketing Specialist / PPC Trainer

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